Juvederm Treatments

juvederm-treatmentsJuvederm Injections

We are big fans of the brand Juvederm, it is safe, painless and you can even get it done in your lunch hour.  Juvederm is one brand of what is known as Botox or Anti-Wrinkle Injections.  We love the brand Juvederm as its FDA Approved and very good quality product.

When we mature in years we start to look older, fine lines start to appear (especially on the face) and we are very sensitive to this.  We start to notice it, and being a female, we get quite self-conscious.  Make-up can be very good to try and hide things, but unless you are clever, it only enhances the lines.  People are of course not paying that much attention!

We go to Dermal Filler Clinic in Glasgow for our Juvederm injections, the staff are very friendly and they are affordable.  I normally get an appointment in my lunch hour and the atmosphere in the clinic is nice and friendly.  There are clinics throughout the United Kingdom and they will offer you a choice of products to use, however I must admit I always opt for Juvederm.

The cost of the injections does depend on the volume of product they are using and the number of areas they are injecting.  It can take a few hours for your face to feel back to normal, but it is just a numb feeling.  The results look instant.  There are very publicised celebrities who take Botox too far, they don’t look natural and (in our opinion) look quite fake.

Juvederm can be used on primarily the face; forehead, cheeks, lips.  It can also be used to fill the facial areas that may have been affected by acne.  This can dramatically increase your confidence as you feel good about what you see in the mirror.  For this reason alone, it is a worthwhile expense.