Botox for Forehead

botox-for-foreheadBotox on the Forehead

Our Forehead can have many lines and some people try to alter their hairstyle to hide their forehead.  There is a much easier option and that is called Botox.  It isn’t something to be ashamed about, just find a good local clinic and ask them what their opinion is.

The injections themselves don’t hurt, you will be given a local anesthetic and it can be done very quickly, so you can pop in after work or during your lunch hour.  They will probably advise you not to wear make-up on the area they have treated for a period of time (if you are wear makeup) to make sure no dirt gets into the area treated.

The results are quite incredible and you should feel better about your appearance within 1 hour of the treatment.  Your skin will look smoother, we know from personal experience that when we have put make-up on the next day it looks quite fabulous.

The treatment itself is done within 30 minutes normally, we like going to the same practitioner as they will know which areas they have treated on your face.  You don’t want the same area treated repeatedly, it is advised to get slightly different areas done.  It is true that you see pictures in magazines of celebrities that have taken botox too far, to be fair, their practitioner should have insisted they stop, but that’s just our opinion.  Botox is something that should look natural and enhance your appearance, not hinder it.

Some people feel a pressure to look younger, however if you look at some people, they actually look more attractive as they get older.  Grow older gracefully and look elegant and sophisticated.  Getting Botox is something that should be included in your beauty routine, bit like going to the hairdressers every few months.