Juvederm Fillers Look Younger with Botox

We all want to look young, sexy and attractive.  This goes for men, women and transgender.  Getting Botox is like going to the hairdressers or nail salon.  Most of my friends include it in their beauty routine every few months.  The end result can be very similar to a facelift but it can just help perk everything up.

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Areas that can be treated;

  • Face – Cheeks, Lips, Forehead, Eye Area
  • Buttocks – Create the perfect bum

There are many brands in the marketplace, some are absolutely not worth the cost, however we 100% recommend Juvederm.  It is used worldwide by millions of people, it is a recognised quality brand.  For us, we prefer to know the best product is being injected into our face.

The product is injected into either the face or body via a needle, normally local anesthetic is used and the area will feel numb before they will carry out the procedure.  You will be advised to give it a few hours until the skin feels normal in that area, then you can resume normal things i.e. doing your make-up.  It is a very small inconvenience when you think about the fact that the fine lines that were playing havoc with your confidence are erased!  The results are truly fabulous.

It can take years off your face, we have had injections on our jowl area, applied to the eyes area to get rid of crows feet and even had our lips plumped with the Juvederm product.  The cost does depend on how many areas you are getting treated and the volume of product used.  The best advise we can give anyone thinking about botox is to get the practitioner to use Juvederm and give you a realistic outline of what can be achieved and in what timescale.  It is a remarkable treatment, when done correctly.